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Fri, 10 Feb 2006 20:14:29 GMT
Commitment to Better Customer Support

Janice Myint: In its commitment to continually improve its service, Technorati has recently brought me on board as a full time Customer Support Specialist.

Randy: I wonder if Janice realizes what she just got herself into. After reading this, I went to the Technorati ping Webpage, just to check how long it had been since Technorati realized some of my blogs had changed. Some which are updated several times a day, hadn't been indexed by Technorati for several weeks. One of my blogs wasn't indexed in 84 days. From this form, you can ping Technorati and I did for all my blogs, some several times. In fact, I do this once in awhile, when I feel I need a little bit more frustration in my life. They remain 20, 30, 40 days unindexed.

I use FeedBurner's PingShot to ping Technorati. At one time, the great guys at FeedBurner tried to help me. I don't think the problem is FeedBurner, because manually pinging Technorati doesn't work either.

David Sifry, the founder and CEO of Technorati, Eric Lunt, a founder at FeedBurner and I are members of the RSS advisory board. David had asked that the board members tag their blogs with the tag rssboard. I did such, but the rssboard tag remains empty. I described the problem to David on the board mailing list (it's publicly readable) and never received a reply.

Frustrating. Web 2.0 is really broken.

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good rant !! I hope somebody hears you .. !!


Since Technorati refuses to index this blog, I'm guessing not.


omggggg thats sooooo scareyy i am neva goin on myspace agin
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