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Wed, 08 Feb 2006 23:52:25 GMT
Web 2.0 is Breaking

As you may have heard, Feedster is experiencing a major fall in terms functionality. As such, all my Feedster feeds in Google Reader are no longer valid. So, what do you do? You unsubscribe.

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Ooops! Seems you can't. In fact, I can't unsub from any feeds from the Edit subscriptions tab. The problem with mashups is that more than one piece has to work and in Web 2.0-land, it's more likely that more than once piece doesn't work. Argggg!

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We're looking into fixing our part of the puzzle here. We're also looking into if there is an issue perhaps on Google's side. We are certainly concerned whenever there is a functional issue that is an inconvenience to users.

Thanks for bringing it up.

Looks like we have this issue solved. Would you please check and let me know if this works for you...and then just contact me if you still have a problem.



agraham a t feedster dot you know the rest.

Alan, I still can't unsub. I'm not certain how you can solve the issue. The problem was two-fold and requires fixes by both Feedster and Google. So I still have a problem.


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