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Wed, 08 Feb 2006 15:11:03 GMT
Email Sucks

I'm now pretty much doing email by the seat of my pants. If you sent me an email in the last 24 hours, then I likely didn't read it. It all started about 17 hours ago, when I started receiving the same SPAM email over-and-over. No matter how many times I marked the email as SPAM, Gmail continued to drop the email in my Inbox. I reviewed the email's original content and each email is identical except the sending and receiving email addresses. What's new? Gmail SPAM filtering sucks and is getting worse.

I created a filter to automatically move the missed SPAM into the Trash folder. Then I went to sleep. ... I wake up in the morning and for the first time in years, I have no email in my Inbox. Nothing for 14 hours. It seems that Gmail is no longer accepting any of my email. Period. I even sent an email directly to my Gmail account and it hasn't arrived. No email in the Trash or SPAM bucket in 16 hours.

I switched my Inbox over to Yahoo! mail. Yahoo! mails interface sucks and I haven't got my invite to the beta. I also tried Hotmail and, which suck even more.

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I had created a filter that works very well. Maybe you already have it, but if not try the following filter:

"-to:( -from:(" (remove quotations)

Of course change the username to what yours is and place into the Has The Words field. Be sure to remove the quotations.

As long as you're looking into mainstream email services you're out of luck. tuffmail,, runbox, mailsnare and other alternative services don't suck.
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