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Tue, 07 Feb 2006 13:24:57 GMT
New Feedster Site…New Features!

Alan Graham: As a quick recap, just last month it was pontificated that Feedster was dead or at least on some serious form of life support. And regardless of our reassurances that, yes we were very much alive and simply taking steps to make our systems better and stronger, people love to kick you while you’re down. And they did. Some of it was deserved, and some of it not. But we took our lumps, and just kept our noses to the grindstone, focusing on the task at hand…the launch of the first phase of our new site. And here we are.

Randy: Hmmm, reviewing the site, the only thing that is new is the HTML layout. Where's the new features? Lot's of removed features; MyFeedster, link search, FeedFinder. I don't see anything new. Still on life support?

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As I mentioned in the blog post you referenced:

"A lot of the changes you won’t see, but will feel when you try out the new Feedster. Its not easy to shave off fractions of a second, but we’ve done that and more to make sure that we can continue to provide timely results to you even while the Blogosphere continues to grow at a remarkable rate. We have reworked the core of our search to be able to scale with that growth, as well as to be able to handle new kinds of feed types and searches that may evolve in the future. So while you may never see these things, know that we are working tirelessly to constantly improve our technology."

How we search and the ease of search has been improved. I also mentioned that we know many of the old stuff is not there...because quite simply it also needed to be reworked. In my post I mentioned those as well.

Those things will be back in some form...but step one was getting out the first phase of the relaunch.

Alan Graham
Exactly how dead is MyFeedster-- the crawler still seems to be running.
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