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Thu, 02 Feb 2006 22:35:06 GMT
RSS Acquired by Atom
In the spirit of recent "I've now heard from two sources close to Yahoo which tell me that Yahoo is going to be buying Digg for nearly $30M.", I can confirm from my sources, Dave and Rogers, that RSS has been sold to Atom for $30M and the rights to the Atom API. Dave, Rogers, Tim and Sam will be announcing exact terms next week. Dave was heard saying "I'm giving up RSS for the new pot-of-gold. MetaWeblogAPI." Tim and Sam have agreed to suspend development of the Atom API and as Tim said, "It was dragging on forever, eh!" 
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Nah.  Definitely got that wrong.  I know for certain (well almost) that Dave's selling out to Apple.


If Dave sells to Apple, that'll really help the community. You see, most RSS is invalid and if Apple controlled RSS, then invalid RSS would be considered proper. Problem solved.

You got your facts wrong. I also got a pony.
-- Rogers
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