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Tue, 31 Jan 2006 03:41:55 GMT
Patents and Start-ups
There's a lot of noise on the patent front. Here's what I know. I remember writing patents for 724 Solutions around 2000. We spent an enormous amount of time working on the wording and the patent lawyers were pretty clear that these patents were valid and had potential value. Since then, I can point to numerous infringements of those patents, but I've never been able to find those patents in the USPTO database and I even sent the lawyers emails detailing the infringements. Well after I left 724, I inquired and found out the patents were never fully filed. What a waste. I've also prepared or worked on patents for several other companies and upon reviewing them in the USPTO database, I was easily able to determine that they were in fact invalid, because they contained false information. I even once emailed the CEO of the company to tell them that the patent which I participated in was invalid because it contained falsehoods and nothing was ever done about it. In the end, I think I've worked on a handful of patentable technologies and none of them turned into valid patents, exclusive because of laziness.
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