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Fri, 20 Jan 2006 22:44:47 GMT
Wikipedia was never down

Joi Ito posted a message from Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia founder, on the recent supposed German Wikipedia lawsuit. The following 7 points were copied from Joi's blog.

  1. The German version of Wikipedia is *always* at
  2. The site was never shut down not even for a single instant 
  3.  The domain belongs to the German Verein (a club of Wikipedia users, a local chapter).
  4. That domain has never been used to access the encyclopedia. There was always a courtesy notice on the 404-not-found page there, telling people the correct URL.
  5. The Wikimedia Foundation has never been served process about any action against us in German court.
  6. The Wikimedia Foundation has not reached any temporary settlement with any Berlin court — we have no contact with any Berlin courts.
  7. The German Verein was ordered very briefly to not point people to the — a rather stupid order which was quickly reversed — but in any event an order with absolutely no material meaning since that domain has never been used to access Wikipedia at all.
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