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Tue, 17 Jan 2006 14:58:30 GMT
Over 1 Billion (Articles) Served

Ask Jeeves Blog: With the system and hardware upgrades now in place, Bloglines users are experiencing across-the-board performance improvements, including increased freshness and faster page loads. 


Randy: Boy, this makes me laugh. Let me just drop a couple screen dumps and explain. This is the most common result I get from Bloglines now.

click to enlarge

It doesn't hang as long before I get there, so in-a-way, they are correct, "faster page loads." Occasionally, I actually get results returned.

click to enlarge

Note in these results that none of the blog entries actually meet my criteria. The results are 100% bogus. Yes, "faster page loads" of absolute crapulence. And don't get me wrong, I'm not the only user struggling with Bloglines.

Chris Nolan: Bloglines, what's up!? I go to read my feeds and there is nothing there. Please, please fix it soon. I haven't read any news all day...

T. Beth: My blog and other Blogger blogs (blogspot.com) are showing red errors [!] in Bloglines.

Will Richardson:  Did you save your Bloglines OPML lately? Messages like this always scare me:

I'm the Bloglines Plumber. We've had a database multiple hardware failure. We'll update this when we have more information.
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