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Fri, 13 Jan 2006 21:24:44 GMT
State of the Splogosphere, Part II

Many months ago, I wrote an article title State of the Splogosphere. It was generally a knock on the Blogosphere search engines which have had a hard time dealing with splogs; spam blogs. In the meanwhile, I started writing more in-depth articles on the Blogosphere Search, with a minor in the Splogosphere. What I notice this month was an overall improvement in the quality of blogosphere search results. I think I might of JINXed the blogosphere. I woke up this morning to a classic splogosphere attack with a big bulls-eye on Blogspot. My refers at Technorati, mostly Blogspot splogs and lots of them. Where is all the progress? This is what we were seeing in October 2005. I really have to wonder what the engineers at Blogspot and Technorati have been doing for the last six months. Not that the problem only lies with them, I got some horrible porn splog referrer SPAM from PubSub too.

And I'm not obviating Bloglines either. You see, Bloglines is complete borked. When I looked for citations using Bloglines, I get referrers to someone else's domain, not mine. It makes me wonder, what is better, porn referrers, splogs or complete irrelevance. In my State of Blogosphere Search article, I gave Technorati a grade of B. Let me deprecate that for a C-. And I gave PubSub a D. Turn that into a D-. Bloglines already had an F- and believe it or not, it's actually worse.

Thank god for IceRocket. And Mark Cuban and Blake Rhodes too. That's assuming that Mark and Blake aren't gods ;-)

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While things aren't perfect, I think they're better than your post makes things out to be. There is certainly some noise on Technorati, but not to the point of making things unusable. Maybe I'm satisfied with a lower bar than you are?

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