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Mon, 09 Jan 2006 18:58:59 GMT
My Yahoo! Subscribers

Two and a half months ago, My Yahoo! stopped reporting subscriber numbers to FeedBurner. At the time, we were reassured they were working on a fix. Hopefully somebody at Yahoo! will see this as a kick in the pants. Right now, neither Yahoo! nor Google, likely the two largest Web-based RSS aggregators, are not reporting any feed stats to FeedBurner. Here's a challenge. Whomever gets this done first (Yahoo! or Google), gets a dozen bonus blog posts about their products.

Readers, please add your name and the number of posts you're willing to give, in exchange for this public service. Thanks!

Update: A friend at Yahoo! says this was fixed a month ago. Unfortunately, My Yahoo! subscribers to The RSS Blog remain at 1. Before the outage, I believe the count was more than 300. I'm investigating.

Update II: Don Loeb sent me an e-mail indicating that another problem that was preventing some subscribers from getting their My Yahoo! subscriber numbers. Some would include me. The other problem should be fixed tomorrow morning. Thanks Don!

Update II (Jan 11): The problem is still not fixed.

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