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Thu, 05 Jan 2006 20:15:01 GMT

About: RapidFeeds FeedManager (Beta) allows anyone to create and manage their own RSS feeds completely and effortlessly.


Randy: Move over FeedBurner, you got yourself some competition.

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Got to watch this indeed, but at the moment it's far from being as usable, compelling and feature rich as Feedburner...


Yeah, I guess there's much more to come from RapidFeeds... but as far I know... no one has come this close to FeedBurner ... I'm sure they can catch up...


I agree with Ken , as above said , they (rapid feeds) can catch up soon .Very intresting from rapidfeeds "addtomysite" button and much more new day by day ,still they are beta stage , wonderful rapidfeeds , keep it up..


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