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Tue, 03 Jan 2006 17:30:12 GMT
It's time to bury RSS

Phil Wainewright: Now the slashdot hordes have had their say, it's all too plain that RSS as currently delivered is fatally flawed.

Randy: Here we go again. RSS is broken for the millionth time. Does this ever get boring? Very!

Phil: RSS reading remains stubbornly mired in a client-server, cubicled-user metaphor that locks out any scope for the kind of network effects that we're supposed to be reaping in the Web 2.0 era.

Randy: Network effects? Like Bloglines? Google blog search? IceRocket? Technorati? What is Phil missing? I can search for all new referrers across almost the entire blogosphere. Follow specific topics. Track conversations. Of course, his answer is gonna be that he wants something more that RSS doesn't provide. The truth is, buzzwords like network effects are most often used as a form of intellectual violence. Don't give me network effects, tell me what you want in plain English.

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Randy, the Slashdot link has a "target=_self" attribute that breaks Bloglines. Just thought you should know.

- Nathan
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