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Tue, 03 Jan 2006 16:29:32 GMT
Memeorandum Stats

I got a lot of hits from Memeorandum yesterday, based on my Web 2.0 predictions entry. Thought it might be interested to drop a few stats that fell out of Analytics.

The average is for all visitors to my site (includes Memeorandum referrers). I did get a lot of new referrers, which I assume were via Memeorandum. I also got a lot of referrers from BusinessWeek, which I think can be used as a benchmark.

The sample is too small to make any conclusive arguments, but I find it interesting that Memeorandum creates a large amount of new referrers, but the visitors are not as sticky as other sources. I suspect this is caused by the Memeorandum bloggers; those that blog all day on the subjects suggested by Memeorandum.

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I noticed a real shift in my stats over the holiday break.  During the holidays, the proportion of non-Windows and non-IE browsers went up significantly.  My theory is that that users surfing blogs from home are much more likely to be using their own "preferred" surfing platforms, rather than the one mandated by their employer.
Let me add that geeks are both more likely to surf during the holidays and use non-Windows, non-IE.


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