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Sat, 31 Dec 2005 20:12:17 GMT

Any geek old enough to code his own application may remember 6 years ago today was the day we all hoped and prayed that our applications would make it thru Y2K. In preparing for Y2K+38, Bob Amam has done some testing of the Atom format and the handling of far-off dates in the RSS readers. NetNewsWire won! I might wait 3 decades before I file a bug report :-)


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Heh, it's "Aman."  :-)  It's not so much an issue with feeds as it is an issue with computer programs in general.  Every program that stores dates as a time_t structure is going to fall victim to this bug.  That's a lot of programs, but since I deal with feeds, I thought I'd bring up the issue in that arena.

--Bob Aman
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