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Mon, 26 Dec 2005 18:57:03 GMT
A Thousand Startups Crying

Nik Cubrilovic: The sound of a thousand start-ups crying as Microsoft announce that the next version of Outlook will have an RSS reader integrated into it. 

Randy: I think we all remember Web 1.0 and Netscape and how quickly Microsoft caught up and crushed Netscape. Lather, rinse, repeat. If you Web 2.0 start-ups business model is to bought, then you better do it quickly, cause Bubble 2.0 is gonna turn into HTTP Chasm 2.0, my prediction for 2-0-6, if not 2-0-7. Microsoft will do to NewsGator what they did to Netscape. Google will do the same to Technorati. Here's some advice for the Web 2.0's working off of VC money; get a sustainable business model or hook yourself a big fish.

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I've been blathering for months about the place aggregators have put themselves in, especially those that boast of integration into Outlook.  Might give you an idea of why Newsgator bought Feeddemon.  At least it is a little more powerful and choosey readers might ignore the Outlook version (unless it's really sweet).  A few webreaders will survive too, unless MS takes that cake too.

What do you think about the rumor technorati might be bought by MS?

--Robyn Tippins
I doubt Technorati will be bought by MS. Remember, Sifry is a big Linux fan (he was CTO of Linuxcare before Technorati). Technology mis-matches is often the biggest barrier of them all. By purchasing Technorati, M$FT would validate the LAMP model.


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