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Fri, 23 Dec 2005 19:29:30 GMT
Performancing for Firefox

About: Performancing for Firefox is a full featured blog editor that sits right within Firefox.

Randy: I haven't given this the test drive yet. I've been meaning to upgrade my Firefox first, but I've been lazy.

Update: Wow! Firefox 1.5 (non-Beta) is awesome! Best yet (doesn't hang as much). Tried posting from Performancing to Blogger and got an error "There was a possible error contacting the ATOM server: Error #3: [object Object]". It worked with Wordpress.

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"There was a possible error contacting the ATOM server: Error #3:"

It worked the first time I tried it and then I got the above. Using Perfomancing seems to trigger bloggers anti-spam feature and turn on word verification (They still haven't reviewed my blog to turn it off). The post is actually stored as draft and you have to go and verify it.

In my case, it didn't get stored as a draft.


what does this for flock?

I'm getting the same error message.  If I remove all formatting (anything other than plain text) I can submit the post fine.
funny.. i get that error when i load firefox...
not using performer at all...

yeah, I've been getting that error all day just browsing in firefox.

I get this error without even trying to post. Is there some type of bug in performancing or in Firefox which makes this error appear.
I have Performancing installed, but I have been getting this error for the last 2-3 days regardless of whether I am posting or not. Ant
Type "339":
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