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Wed, 21 Dec 2005 23:05:58 GMT
Bloglines not Polling FeedBurner

Bloglines appears to be back up and running, but there are multiple reports that they have not polled many (maybe any) FeedBurner feeds since the move. Could be related to the recent Bloglines move of data centers or the FeedBurner performance issues.

Update: It appears that Bloglines was not reporting subscribers to FeedBurner, but was polling the feeds and the problem should be fixed.

Update II: The problem still does not appear to be fixed. With My Yahoo! and Bloglines no longer reporting subscribers, subscriber counts around the blogosphere are low.

Update III: Dick Costolo has the final word. Bloglines changed it's User-Agent.

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Oh, that was me btw.  How come you don't have the ibtiam signature stuff over here?

I was wondering why subscriber count was low, not that I have that many to begin with but it seems oddly erratic lately.

Chris, I'm phasing the auto-sig stuff out and will be adding login for signatures in early 2006.


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