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Fri, 16 Dec 2005 19:14:56 GMT
Structured Blogging Will Flop

Paul Kedrosky: Darn it all, techno utopians are so cute. Nevertheless, structured blogging — the over-ballyhooed idea that people will post to their blogs using different forms depending on what they’re posting — is going to be a flop. It’s the usual three reasons I trot out repeatedly to technologists with utopian visions who want to change the world on the back of altered user behavior:

  1. People are lazy
  2. People are lazy
  3. People are lazy

Randy: Paul nails it! The problem? Embedding meta-data always fails. Remember Dublin Core in HTML? Never happened, except with extreme geeks. Meta tags? Didn't go very far. Most bloggers simply won't take the time. Now, don't fret. The data will still be there. You just have to be very creative in extracting it. Tags help, but most of all, links to are almost always a review of a movie. It's all about link structure.

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