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Sat, 10 Dec 2005 06:00:15 GMT
RSS Poll

Everybody likes polls right? How about this one?

1. Which RSS client(s) do you use?

GreatNews Pluck Internet Explorer Bloglines Custom Demo Reader
Rojo NewsGator Online Firefox Live Bookmarks Google Desktop
NetNewsWire FeedDemon NewsGator Outlook SharpReader
Pluck Web or Firefox Attensa Online Attensa Outlook My MSN
Thunderbird Google Homepage Google Reader My Yahoo!
2. How many RSS feeds do you read regularly?

0-9 10-29
30-59 60-99
100-149 150-249
250-499 500-999
3. How often do you read news in an RSS reader?

2-3 times per day

Update: While you are at it, The RSS Weblog has a similar survey.

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