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Thu, 08 Dec 2005 16:01:53 GMT

I got two immediate responses to my article on Fighting the Scalabilty Curve. The first was a denial of service attack, which I think my host resolved within 15 minutes, either that, or the attack was temporary. The second was an email from Mark Cuban.

What features would you like to see that aren't in place? And check out what we added to the advanced search.

This was in response to my statement.

IceRocket doesn't compare feature to feature with Technorati, but at least it works and does the basics I need to blog effectively.

What's Missing?
The biggest missing feature in IceRocket, compared to Technorati, is the blog profiles and rankings. The only reason I return to Technorati and BlogPulse is to check my rankings (I'm so vain). Mind you, as much as I'd love blog profiles and rankings from IceRocket, it wouldn't stop me from monitoring my rankings in Technorati or BlogPulse.

IceRocket's new Advanced Search
As Mark points out, IceRocket has added a lot of options to their advanced search. I don't clearly remember the previous advanced search feature set, but they now offer search by post title, author and awesome date filtering.

Reader Comments Subscribe

We are going to launch a ranking system sometime soon that is like nothing else out there.

Currently doing some testing before we release it to the public.

Blake Rhodes

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