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Sat, 03 Dec 2005 20:08:33 GMT
PodFathers, Part II

The PodFathers are at it again. Here's a few juicy quotes while I work on the screenplay.

Dave Winer: I was very clear that the work that Adam and I did was a partnership, and our deal was a 50-50 split. They never bought me out of that deal and I never heard from any of their lawyers asking what I wanted for it.


Adam Curry: It was also clear that no one from the group (which included 2 investors) wanted to work with Dave but me. It was a very uncomfortable time for me, and at the end of the week I told Dave I wasn't interested in setting up a business anymore if we couldn't get the business people on board. He freaked out (in a restaurant) and demanded that if I got a television show out of the press at the time, that I would have to pay him his 'share' and drove away without saying goodbye. That event made me realize I had made a wise decision. Some people you just don't want to be in business with.


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Here's a few juicy quotes while I work on the screenplay.

Great line. I want to be played by Mary Steenburgen.
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