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Fri, 02 Dec 2005 03:29:33 GMT
Podcast Hijacked, Held for Ransom

eWeek: In an assault reminiscent of the early days of the Internet, Podcaster Erik Marcus recently found that his RSS feed had been inexplicably redirected.

Randy: I have yet to see an technical explanation of how it's possible to hijack an RSS feed by redirecting it. Does anybody have a coherent explanation of what happened here?

More on CyberLaw.

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So, it wasn't a flaw in RSS, but rather a flaw in Yahoo! podcasts and iTunes?


I just interviewed Mr. Lambert, the gentleman being accused of doing this, and he has some very interesting things to say. In fact, every single post that I have seen to date has been wrong. I interview him on the Unsigned Podcast Network

Also, I break it down somewhat in my blog.

Very interesting how anything the press has said is not true.

What the media has so failed to point out is that Mr. Marcus signed up for the free listing in the first place and has admitted it. He then decided to ask to have his feed removed after gaining about two thirds of his audience through this free service, provided by the way, by someone who cares about Podcasting.
When Mr. Marcus realized he had lost most of his audience, he asked to be reinstated which was again offered at no cost. It was only when he began demanding lots of additional coding and consultation that he was told they would be charged at a reasonable rate.
At this point, Mr Marcus began screaming "Extortion" and "Hijack" to the media who for the most part did not check the facts before spreading one side of the story to the exclusion of the other side.
 These so called "journalists" should be ashamed of themselves!
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