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Wed, 30 Nov 2005 03:29:42 GMT
Travelocity RSS

About: Find out fast when fares to your favorite destinations drop by at least 20%! It's easy, thanks to Travelocity's new RSS feed.

Randy: I had to blog this. Why? Because, it's absolutely the worst implementation of RSS I've ever seen. It's not really a technical problem, it's more of a they don't get it. You see, I viewed a few of their feed and they all returned exactly the same thing. If you subscribe to their feed, then you get a constant reminder in your RSS aggregator that Travelocity has 20% off fairs to your chosen destination. That's it :-(

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i think another term would be called marketing, though i wont know if bad should be in front of it :-P

hey randy - thanks for trying out our feed and we appreciate the feedback.  this is completely a test phase right now and your comment is interesting because we actually really struggled with the need to fully explain how the fare alert works balanced with explaining to our unfamiliar users exactly what an RSS feed is.

looks like we should work a bit more on the former.  you see when the market you select has a fare that is at least a 20% savings then your feed will show you the price and savings percentage for your selected market that day.  please check your feed again and you'll see that they do change. 

if your fare does not meet that criteria for the day, we display top markets that are pricing with at least a 20% discount as an alternative to showing nothing or a possibly unattractive price.  it was important to us to not just publish airfares but rather to publish real, legitimate "deals" to make the feeds informative and compelling. 

we'll work on how to make that more clear in the instances that the airfares are not meeting our "deal" criteria. 

thanks for the great and honest feedback, we're working on it... please check back!

Patty Hagar


Travelocity screens traveler reviews. They are not totally honest about posting all reviews. I booked a hotel with great reviews, as it turned out this joint had a gay bar on the second floor with a porno style shop in the lobby. Family people with children need to know what they are getting into and travelocity is doing us a diservice by not being honest with reviews.
Travelocity charged me 5 times for my flight home. when i saw my bank statement i was $1200 short so i called there customer service department (based in India) and was told it was a computer glich and would take 7 to 14 business days to refund my account. i will never use them again worst site ever
Travelocity is the WORST travel agency EVER. I hope they go out of business SOON. Their INDIA basec customer service is more like CAR service. Has nothing to do with the customer. You might get something IF you speak any other language BUT english.... We will NEVER buy ANYTHING from TRAVELOCITY. Thank you.
I am in the midst of a very bad vacation package from Travelocity, you absolutely cant get any help in India and thanks to their customer service, I am now flying from one airport and landing in another 2 hrs apart. Problem being that my car has to be in one or the other, so with an early departure, we are looking at extra hotel, rental car and baggage fee........I hate travelocity and so much for the guarantee by the way.

I purchased a trip on Travelocity on Wed March 18 for 776.40 and on Friday, March 20 they deducted $2088.40 out of my account.  It is Saturday, March 21 and no one has resolved this issue.  I just sent a letter to the President/CEO Hugh Jones.  The most frustrating part is that I used my debit card and now my account is in the red!! TRAVELRS BEWARE!!!

I hate this company I have wasted 5 hours of my time trying to get what is coming to me.  They advertise one price and can't deliever!!!!! 

Yes, unfortunately Travelocity is not a reputable company. The comments here are correct. The India based support is not well informed, difficult to understand, and powerless to do anything. I cancelled my reservations within the 24 hour window of initial booking and still haven't gotten my credit card refunded after 45 days. Dr. D.

Beware of Travelocity's travel insurance racket.  It's an embedded part of your ticket confirmation - preselected  to include it with your ticket purchase at $19.95.  You need to spot it and deselect it.  Otherwise, your ticket will cost you an additional $20.00.  And if you cancel, your flight - for any reason but illness, death in the family, etc... you are stuck with the charge.  It's very tricky as the policy covers cancellation. Beware of their gimmicks.  I've been dealing with them for ten years... but I'm now finished with them.
I booket 2 airline tickets from travelocity for my kids. Travelocity booked them with Aeromexico from Puerto Vallarta to Ontanio Ca.. A few days later I got a email from Travelocity to call them asap. When I called Travelocity I was told Aeromexico was no longer flying to Ontanio Ca. so I would haft to buy a new ticket and in about 90 days I would get my money back. It took over 90 days plus they keep 300.00 as a fee. I ways mad as h--- and called Travelocity. They told me I would haft to call Aeromexico. Well well well I call Aeromexico and they say I haft to talk to travelocity who I bought the ticket from. Never never ever use travelocity agen always go right to the airline. Travelocity I am going to spend the rest of my life telling people what a bad bad boy you are! Bill Baker
I didn't know the Customer Service line would be in India for Travelocity. I made my vacation reservations in Nov 2011. Getting divorce, 1/2012. Tickets for 5/2012. Said no refund for 2nd passenger even though I made the reservations and they are on my Credit Card. The said my passenger could have a 1 year credit, but the name could not be changed to me. Free ticket for soon to be exhusband????? What's that all about????
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