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Mon, 21 Nov 2005 16:22:03 GMT
Technorati Performance Improvement Update

David Sifry: Since beginning our infrastructure improvements, Technorati's uptime has improved significantly. [cut] According to GrabPerf, even while our overall traffic has increased, our response times have consistently decreased. [cut] The index is over 3 years old, currently 21.5 million blog posts. [cut] Our median time to index is now under 3 minutes from the moment a blog post is created.

Randy: Congrats to the Technorati team. I have to agree, Technorati as been a lot faster this last month. But, Technorati is returning mostly Blogspot splog referrers now. They need some severe splog spotting or maybe just remove all Blogspot posts from their index. I'm pretty sure David meant 21.5 million blogs, not blog posts. BTW, my own calculations indicate we are now beyond 100 million blogs, so Technorati is only indexing about 20% of them. Last, David's claim of a median time to index under 3 minutes is beyond ridiculous. For instance, the Bad Politics blog is updated several times per day and pings Technorati each time. Yet, Technorati hasn't indexed the blog in 3 days. iBLOGthere4iM pings Technorati several times per day, but hasn't been indexed in 20 days. The RSS Blog pings Technorati several times per day, but hasn't been indexed in 3 days. The Besting Adwords blog pings Technorati several times per day, but hasn't been indexed in 3 days.

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My Blogger blogs are indexed daily, or sooner.  I wonder if that explains the spam issues?
Too funny!



We're constantly working on the spam blogs issue, and your posts have alerted us to some new types of spam, so we're working on that, thanks.  You should notice a reduction in spam already. 

As for missing pings, that certainly is strange.  Are you pinging Technorati directly, or using a proxy service like ping-o-matic?  If you can give me some info on it, we'll jump on it and fix things.  Thanks!

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