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Fri, 18 Nov 2005 22:15:04 GMT
OPML 2.0?

Dave Winer: I think OPML should have a way to include elements from other namespaces [cut] so I plan to include this advice in the new OPML spec.


Randy: Awesome! A new version of OPML is in the works. Clarifications? Extensions? Point Dave to samples of extensions you would like to see. BTW, OPML is already very extensible, as you can include pretty much any attribute in the outline element. But, it's true that clarification of its extensibility points would be a community win.

I personally maintain a lot of OPML file where I embed the RSS associated with the <outline> within the element. I use PASS to include the RSS within a namespace. Sample...

<opml version='1.0'>
   <rss xmlns:pass="http://duderesearch.com/archives/000043.html">

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