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Tue, 15 Nov 2005 15:07:02 GMT
State of the Blogosphere, Follow up

Following up on my article on the State of the Blogosphere, Mark Cuban sent me the following additional comments that I thought should be shared.

Thx again, a couple of quick notes..
  1. We do allow blogspot blogs, but have very specific rules.
  2. We no longer worry about how quickly we convert from ping to result. Its more important to scrub out the splogs.
  3. We will be adding features, bu I think its important to note that we aren't trying to be a blogosphere portal. We are a tracking tool that  lets users search based on freshness. Not relevance.  We aren't trying to help you find the best blog to read, we are hear to help you find what people are talking about, whther its a blog,a discussion forum or other resource..
Any feedback or ideas are always welcome. Feel free to post this ! Thx for all you have done in this space

And thank you Mark for kicking off the fight against splogs.

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Well, that's very interesting. I continue to be impressed by how thoroughly Cuban "gets" the transformations that are taking place in media.
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