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Mon, 14 Nov 2005 04:04:17 GMT
IE Proxy settings

Onfolio Support: When I tried to access feeds last night, every single one of them gave me the red x icon, even the feed for this support forum. [later] I opened IE to see what was up with that program, and it told me that it was working "offline". When I told it to work online, it showed me that I had a proxy set up, and the proxy was not working properly (since I'm back at home). When I had checked the proxy information in Firefox, all was correct, i.e., no proxy.

Randy: This is very common problem across most-all of the native Windows RSS readers. It's not exclusive to Onfolio. I run across it a few times per year in support forums. I just wanted to save it for easy reference in the future and just maybe somebody will Google it and end up here. The problem happens when you move your computer between network and use a Web proxy in one of the two networks. The second network may not have access to the Web proxy and your RSS reader may be using those proxy settings, thus failing. Disabling the proxy settings removes the problem and you may have to re-enable the proxy settings when you return to the other network.

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