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Sat, 12 Nov 2005 16:45:39 GMT
If it's not MP3, is it still podcasting?

Dave Winer: The thing that makes podcasting special is that it is accessible to everyone. [cut] Basically MP3 can't be rigged up to serve the purpose of advertisers, and that's why I love MP3. And only MP3 provides the portability and compatibility that users depend on. Any other method will force them to jump through hoops that they will resist.

Randy: MP3 is not the only road to accessibility. My rules of thumb is simple. It's gotta work (audio or video) in a typical installation of XP and OS X. MP3 does that? What other formats work? Not Real media. Not Quicktime. Not MPEG-4. Not WMV. If you are picking one of these formats, then you are limiting your audience. If your audience is OS X only, then Quicktime is likely OK. If your audience is XP only, then WMV is likely OK. MHO.

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