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Fri, 11 Nov 2005 14:47:44 GMT
Pingoat is dying

Kailash Nadh: Pingoat is dying. The server is choking to death. Please immediately contact me at if you can offer help in anyway. It wouldnt be more than a few days before the whole server collapses :| So please do offer a helping hand if possible. URGENT

Randy: Although Kailash isn't offering details, I would assume that Sploggers are pounding his server into submission. Pingoat joins Ping-o-matic in the valley of dead blogosphere services. Let's just hope Kailash's SplogSpot doesn't meet the same end. I use to run a blog ping service called Blogomatic, but it didn't take ping requests, rather it would passively check for updates and ping the blogosphere when changes occurred. FeedBurner now provides a better version of this same service called PingShot.

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hey does any one know any good proxy sites? im at skewl and i wanna unblock it so i can get on it!!! hope some one can help me out!!!!

My name is Dee and i am bored as hell anyone wanna talk to me?

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