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Sat, 05 Nov 2005 01:06:17 GMT

Last month, I announced a new webloggers forum. I've been posting there from time-to-time and I've notice that over the last week, the volume of posts has increased substantially. It's great seeing community sharing between webloggers. Dude, check it out!


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We're delighted to have you visiting and posting at WebLoggers.org, Randy!

You're one of a handful of big-time blogging enthusiasts we sought out via social networking sites and solicited to visit and post at WebLoggers.org.  We did so for your knowledge and skills as well as your maturity and experience.  We figured a handful of bloggers with the kind of expertise and track record of leadership in the industry you possess would help us maintain the kind of intelligence and decorum needed to build a true community for web loggers.  Thanks so much for your presence ~ and for posting about our forum once again!


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