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Wed, 02 Nov 2005 01:56:16 GMT

Today was the big move. R|mail is no longer a service offered on the KBCafe Website, or at least not for long. I put $400 where my mouth is and bought the r-mail.org domain for 10 years plus one year prepaid hosting. Today and tomorrow, I'll be modifying all the R|mail pages on KBCafe and forward them to our new homepage. I moved the blog, but the FeedBurner feed remains the same. Email me immediately if you encounter any issues during the move. This will allow me to offer more services without overloading the KBCafe domain, which if you haven't noticed has been less than responsive. I've got a lot of plans and I need way of paying for them. As such, I'm selling links on the r-mail.org homepage for $1/d. I've already got one sponsored link from the RRBBS Discussion Group and in their first week, they've acquired 8 R-mail Subscribers. Send me an email, if you want in on this deal.


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