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Mon, 31 Oct 2005 02:06:45 GMT
Scoble needs a mirror!

Scoble's been pissing all over RSS usability and Wordpress' RSS feed. If you read Scoble's rant and know something about RSS, then it's pretty easy to realize that Scoble is simply confused.

First, he complains about Molly Holzschalg's blog not having an obvious mechanism for subscription. Looking at Molly blog, she has autodiscovery. That's all you need. Any RSS tool should be able to figure out her RSS feed from any page on her blog. If the tool can't, then the tool is broken (ex. IE). I'd prefer that she provide a Subscribe chicklet or even a RSS chicklet or even an array of chicklets and surely she should also have a (What is this?) link. But, she's got a Subscribe link and a simple search of her Webpage would (for subscribe or RSS) reveals it (Ctrl+F in both IE and Firefox). By the way, try search for RSS or subscribe on Scoble's blog. NADA! And What is this? NADA! MHO, it's easier to subscribe to Molly's blog than Scoble's. Scoble needs a mirror!

Second, he complains that his Wordpress RSS feed is funky. I'm not sure he understands what this funky stuff is about. Funky means you are using a non-RSS element, in place of an equivalent RSS element.  Scoble seems to think that using a CDATA is somehow confusing and funky. Using a CDATA is one of two ways to XML encode your HTML within the content of an element. His old feed would escape the HTML, which is no better than CDATA. Those are two methods of accomplishing the same goal. In fact, CDATA is slightly superior because it makes the feed easier to read (by humans).

Next, Scoble makes a leap and says Matt is favoring Atom over RSS. I'm not the greatest fan of Atom, but on this point, he's simply wrong. I think he's spent too much time listening to Dave Winer.

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