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Sun, 30 Oct 2005 19:28:06 GMT
What Is Atom?

Ben Hammersley: On August 23, 2005 the Atom Syndication Format became a proposed standard at the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), after it was submitted by the AtomPub Working Group.


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Randy: I wasn't complaining about Molly's blog. We were on another blog site when we got stuck. Sorry for not making that clear.

Randy: you need to understand when I am saying "funky." I don't understand why my description field needs CDATA when my old feed, which worked great for more than 25,000 people, didn't need it at all.

Um, maybe the favoring of Atom over RSS is a little over the top, but my old feed worked great and my new one is getting complaints. Stick to the point.

k, I see now where it was another unnamed blog, not Molly's, my fault, not yours. Should've read thrice. CDATA shouldn't make a difference, in fact, it's superior to escaping. Any RSS reader that fails because of CDATA is broken.


I never said an RSS reader would fail cause of CDATA. I said it looks weird to me. It doesn't look simple. But, maybe that's just me and my simplistic view. Discard that argument and the over-the-top one about Atom, and the point still stands: the old feed worked and the new feed was getting complaints. It's interesting that the feed is validating now, though.
OK! Case dropped. I still disagree with CDATA being weird, I like it for readibility so much better than escaping.


I'd say his site needs a mirror, as the RSS rants (that are linked from memeorandum this morning) are no longer available there right now.

--Luke Hutteman

Nice one Luke!


hmm - the posts have been reinstated now - maybe wordpress was just having a technical issue this morning - wouldn't be the first...

Ah, pointy bracket fights!  It must be the crisp fall air that brings the geeks out in their warm jackets.  I'll provide the cider and donuts! :)
I think randy has a valid point on cdata and atom foo. But the mirror is needed.
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