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Sun, 30 Oct 2005 01:19:20 GMT
Google Reader Reading Style and Subscription Chicklet

James Huff: My main complaint with Google Reader is that it prefers to organize new posts by date or “relevance” and not by feed.

Randy: To read by feed, click on Your Subscriptions, then click on the feed and it’ll show you all the items for that feed. Click Show read items visible to see items you’ve already read. It seems a little buggy, but it works for your style of reading.

James Huff: Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an easy subscription button for Google Reader that matched the style of the rest of my easy subscription buttons, so I whipped this one up a few nights ago. Feel free to use it on your blog too.

Randy: Chris Nolan created some chicklets, which I’m using for the chicklet generator. Thanks Chris!

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