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Fri, 21 Oct 2005 21:35:43 GMT
Google Reader is Awesome!

OK, I'm giving Google Reader a second chance and I'm loving it! They've fixed my previous issues with sorting of items and it's now very pleasing to use.


Update: It broke again, it's now giving me the items out of sequence again. If this thing sorted by date, then I might abandon all other news reader. Maybe not all of them :-) 

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Did you try to toggle the lens sorting - there's some small links in the bottom left of the lens where you can select between "relevance" and "date" - try toggling those and let us know if that helps.  (Sorry for the links being hard to find - we'll be working on the UI significantly in the next few weeks.)  - Chris W., Google

Yes, I knew about the lens sorting links. I'm sorting by date. Everything is fine when I launch the browser and start read. The problem happens when I refresh.


I'm having trouble reproducing it but I'm persnickety and I want to fix it for you - do you mind my asking other questions?  They'd be on the order of: Are your read items toggled as hidden?  If you read the top six items and press refresh does the seventh show at the top?  If not, to what index does it jump?

Are your read items toggled as hidden? 
Yes, read is hidden.

If you read the top six items and press refresh does the seventh show at the top?
Nope, but that's because there was two new entries, the 7th is now the 3rd. In fact, when I only read 6 and refresh, the list remains sorted. I read several dozen, then refresh, read several dozen, then refresh and eventually, the list goes quacky.


Subscribe to Channel 9. It seems to accentuate the problem.


Still working on it - another quick question, we have a timeout on iteration before marking an item as read (700 milliseconds) and whose end is itself marked by the appearance of a gray "keep unread" box in the right of the viewer.  Does this always appear when you iterate or do you go by items fast enough that this sometimes doesn't appear?
Also...the original "Google Park" comic that appeared on Channel 9 makes me belly laugh.  Every. Time.  "D...d...did you just say...information??"

Chris W.
Occasionally, I go by items too fast, but I doubt this is related to the problem.


I had used google for years but lately have gone to other search engines.  They are just to commercialized now.  Some searches bring up so many paid links that it just takes forever to sort through the garbage.   I have found them to be at least 50% of the time to be less than helpful.  Pretty much a waste to put it bluntly and I am disappointed because they used to be the best out there.  Not Any More.
Since Google doesn't do paid placement, you don't make any sense.


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