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Tue, 18 Oct 2005 20:05:57 GMT
Blogger Responds to the Splogosphere

Jason Goldman: Just as a first step, we're publishing a list of deleted subdomains that were created this weekend during the spamalanche.

Randy: The published lists of deleted subdomains is a great idea. If this were ongoing and there was participation from all the major blog hosts, then search engines could quickly clean up their databases when new splogs are detected. Maybe we need a like for sharing new uncovered splogs.

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No, Splogspot won't work. The problem with Splogspot is that you have to check each feed individually. For someone like IceRocket, that would mean 10 million requests. Do they do this weekly? Does Blogdigger, Google, Technorati, Feedster do it too? Were already talking about 60 million requests per week and I just got started. Doesn't scale.


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