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Fri, 14 Oct 2005 15:10:58 GMT
PubSub LinkRank?

Today, my domain's PubSub LinkRank is 55. On Monday, it was 24,058. My InLinks have increased a bit, but not substantially. Makes me wonder how they calculate this thing. Is there a random number generator in there? The jump placed me on their top 100 sites and 10th biggest rank gain on the day. I imagine on Tuesday, I must have been one of the top 2-3 gainers, but I didn't check. I also notice that RTGconsultants is ranked #88 with exactly 1 inbound link. Yep, it's a random number generator. Yellow Rat is #91 with exactly 1 inbound link. ipressroom is #19 with 3 inbound links. AlCantHang is #5 with 16 inbound links. Sounds like LinkRanks is broken again!

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