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Wed, 12 Oct 2005 16:33:19 GMT
Dropping MSN Alerts

About a year ago, I added MessageCast chicklets to the right sidebar of The RSS Blog and iBLOGthere4iM. Since, then MessageCast was purchased by Microsoft. In the six months since, I've had to twice change the code on my pages at Microsoft's request. The emails I receive from Microsoft are no less than cryptic. I couldn't image a mundane user being able to handle their instructions. Why they can't simply redirect the existing clicks to their new pages can only be explained as stupidity? Further, when they send the alerts via email, they stick my email address in the From field. This results in about one email per week from someone trying to unsubscribe or a friendly "I'm on vacation message". Very annoying. Next time I update my blog template, MSN alerts will be gone. Sorry! :-( 

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I have a two way pager and continue to receive basketball scores from the local team. I want to turn off the alert but dont know how and have had it for such a long time I dont recall the account it was setup under. The address alert is alertes@msn.com. How do I turn it off?
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