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Sun, 09 Oct 2005 03:22:26 GMT
Weblogs.com Sold, Ping Outlook Bleak

Photo Matt: The state of the ping community is fairly bleak What do we need to keep a BigCo from exploiting this space? A free, open, non-profit, and stable alternative supported by a consortium of organizations who understand that value should be built on top of pings, not in front of them.


Randy: Matt is just plain wrong. Sometimes, you have to realize that a small or not-for-profit company does not have the resources to make stuff like this happen and a BigCo becomes a necessity. This is a perfect case in point. Weblogs.com has been a great blogosphere resource and without it the blogosphere wouldn't exist. But, it's no longer moving forward because it needs financing. Thanks Verisign and thank you Dave for the first 10 years.

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How is a single event in a companies history a "proven track record" exactly? I've seen all kinds of unaccurate claims bouncing around. Sitefinder was a bad idea, but it was an experiement which the company dropped after two weeks.  
Sitefinder was a bad idea, but bad ideas don't equate to evil.


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