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Fri, 07 Oct 2005 18:14:08 GMT
Google Reader

Google has officially joined the Web based RSS aggregator business. It's called Google Reader. The UI is very pleasing.

Experience: I started by search for my iBLOGthere4iM blog. I found a lot of blogs referring to it, but couldn't immediately find my blog. I then tried to import a small OPML file. It hung reporting "Your subscriptions are being imported..." After awhile, I got bored as it was completely non-functional. I exited the browser, got back in and upload the big OPML file. Same results. I can't seem to get past first base. Definately BETA.

Read the announcement on the Official Google Blog.

More Experience: Once it stableized, I found Google Reader amazing. The UI is very cool! The problem is it just doesn't work. Constantly hangs up and it's showing me crap from 1932. It'll take Google a month or two to get rid of these usability bugs (remember Gmail?) and then Bloglines is in big trouble.

Problem: OK, here's the biggest problem. I set it to sort by date and the top item is from April? I start scanning thru and the items are definately not ordered by date, it's all over the place. If they fixed this, then this would be usable.

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