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Thu, 06 Oct 2005 18:54:39 GMT
Weblogs.com sold to Verisign?

Jason Kottke: The latest report is that Dave Winer has sold weblogs.com to Verisign (~$5 million is the figure being bandied about).

Randy: Is this acquisition week? If true, congrats to Dave. I assume he's doing this to get some help building out weblogs.com. Oh, and the money doesn't hurt. I'm still accepting bids for KBCafe.com. I'll come down from my original asking price of $1B. How about $999M? ... Anybody? ... Hello? ... Is this on?

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I'll buy it from you for $900 million in stock in my newest venture, IceCubes4Eskimos.com.

- Nathan Weinberg

You make that 1% cash and it's a deal ;-) 


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