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Mon, 03 Oct 2005 04:15:05 GMT
Beattie Beats Down Bloglines

Russell Beattie: Has anyone noticed that Bloglines is really suffering since it got bought by Ask Jeeves?

Randy: I'm a big Bloglines fan. Let's see if I can back them up.

Russell: Bug #1: If you go to this page, you’ll see that because my old Java system insisted on adding in a ;jessionid to the end of my feed url, it looks like I had hundreds and hundreds of feeds.

Randy: Russell, sounds more like a bug in your software. Mind you, in my own travels, I've stopped using the URL of feed that was given me and used auto-discover on the channel/link inside the feed to rediscover the actual feed, a.k.a. reflexive auto-discovery. This eliminates Russell's problem and many others.

Russell: Bug #2: If you try to use the Blog Citations feature, most of the time it’ll come back with a database problem.

Randy: Agreed, but when it does work, it kicks everybody's ass.

Russell: Lack of Innovation #1: Where’s the updates to the UI!?!?

Randy: Agreed, the UI has always sucked. I guess, overall, I agree with Russell on each point, but disagree on the aggregate, Bloglines is still #1.

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