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Fri, 30 Sep 2005 21:46:50 GMT
It's about Finding New Links, Part V

Earlier this week, I start another test of the blogosphere search engines. You can read my notes and where/how I got the results on that blog entry.

The final score is here and now.

  1. Bloglines - 11 of 17
  2. Technorati - 7
  3. IceRocket - 6
  4. PubSub - 6
  5. Google - 4
  6. BlogPulse - 3
  7. Blogdigger - 0
  8. Feedster - 0

The winner by a long shot is Bloglines. Very slow and down at least once per day, but it's simply better at finding links. Disappointing is the results from Google. It seems, my blogs are well indexed by Google, but most others are not.

I think I'm gonna make this a weekly feature starting every Monday or Tuesday and running thru to Thursday, Friday or the weekend.

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