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Fri, 30 Sep 2005 20:12:09 GMT
RSS Xpress

I just installed RSS Xpress. It's a free RSS reader. Classic 3-pane. A lot of functionality. Import via OPML worked great. There does appear to be a lot of bugs. Not sure what makes it different from many other 3-pane RSS readers.

Bug enumeration follows.

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> There does appear to be a lot of bugs
A lot of bugs? you are a little bit severe, no? :-)

> Not sure what makes it different from many other 3-pane RSS readers.
That is the question! Well, as the first hand, I would say nothing a all! But if you go deeper, you will see that RSS Xpress has its originality. For of all, it is quite interesting to see that RSS Xpress users are very different one from each others: some have used many RSS readers and choose RSS Xpress, and some are “noob” in computers and like it for its simplicity. Until version 1.4, I was working a lot to make up for lost time regarding other RSS readers developed before mine. Since version 2.0, new features appeared, some are fully original. For instance, the news filter has been implemented. I know that some RSS readers have already such feature but not all. Besides, there is the feeds catalogue which is fully original! I know that many RSS readers have theirs but the mechanism is rather different. In other readers, you have to wait for next release to access to new feeds. With RSS Xpress, feeds are shared in “real-time”, moderated, and shared to other users. No need to wait for next release! Moreover, the catalogue is linked to the “New feed” functionality. So, from version 2.0, you can type instead of the URL a keyword. Try for instance “geek” and RSS Xpress will propose you the feeds which contain this keyword. Interesting, isn’t it? To finish, I hardly think that one of the main thing which has convinced many users to change for RSS Xpress is outside the software: it is about its community! I really attach importance to help as quickly as I can users who post a message on the forums: users are never alone! On the other hand, most of the time I take in consideration their suggestions: RSS Xpress becomes their software.

But, after next release which will come to fix bugs, I will diffuse a survey in order to collect feedback from my users. Let’s wait for the results :-)

> Bug enumeration follows.

  • I imported my 1000 feeds. I then refresh and the engine goes out and starts pulling the feeds. Each time a new item is found the left-pane treeview flashes (refreshes).

Yes, that is a known bug and I currently working on it hoping to fix it for next release.

  • Feeds with a question mark (?) in their URL don't seem to work.

Could you please provide me with such a feed so that I can do some testing? (RSS Xpress forums’ feeds contain a question mark and have no issue there)

  • Help menu in menu bar appears as a question mark (?). This was originally done in French, may be a resource bug.

Do you suggest splitting the “?” menu in two: “Help” which would contain “Feedback” and “Help/FAQ” and “?” for the rest? If so, this is a nice suggestion.

  • Menu separators are non-standard. For example, Edit submenu has 2 separators and 3 menu items and File doesn't have one above Exit.

Could you please provide me with some documentation on this aspect so that I can correct all the menus?

  • Documentation doesn't list RSS 1.0 as supported, but it does.

It was a mistake. I have updated the web page. Thanks!

Thank you very much for testing RSS Xpress, I really appreciate it!

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