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Wed, 28 Sep 2005 06:00:13 GMT
It's about Finding New Links, Part IV

Earlier this month and before Google launch its blog search, I documented all blog search engines capability of finding new links. When Google blog search was released, I was amazed how much better it was then the other engines. Since then, Technorati has improved, IceRocket has improved and maybe now we have a four-way challenge with Bloglines (the best last month) and Google (the newcomer). Let's start it again. For any links discovered on posts tomorrow or later, I will document and aggregate the results to see who's the best blogosphere search engine, this month.

Enumeration of competitors

  1. Bloglines []
  2. KBCafe []
  3. PubSub []
  4. IceRocket []
  5. BlogPulse []
  6. Technorati []
  7. Feedster []
  8. Blogdigger []
  9. Google []

Am I missing anybody? Splogs or self-referential blogs will not be included in the results.



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Did they change something? I don't see what's different?


John Tropea,
The last time I did this test, Feedster found zero links, which confirms that they do exclude posts from your own blog and all others too ;-) 


Thanks Alex! Yes, I considered MSN, but unfortunately it's feed search is too limited. In this case, I was doing a back-link search. Does MSN have a back-link feed search?


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