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Tue, 27 Sep 2005 20:19:28 GMT
The Easier Route To Generating Subscribers

Rok Hrastnik: If as a marketer you're trying to generate RSS subscribers, simply using an RSS subscribe button is the worst way to go for you and for the RSS industry as a whole as well.

Randy: Roy provides alternatives for acquiring RSS subscribers. If you follow Roy's advice, then you'll get yourself a couple extra subscribers, but why no go the whole nine years. Take a look at the right sidebar of The RSS Blog. I provide eight chicklets from the most popular blog aggregators and an easy way for users to simply subscribe via email, not to mention a (What is this?) link immediately beside my RSS chicklet. Don't cut corners, you need all this stuff to truly generate subscribers. If you end up with a user-friendly XSLTed feed like your typical blog, then you'll end up with less subscribers, not more.

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