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Mon, 26 Sep 2005 17:32:38 GMT
PubSub to Measure Blog Influence by Category

ClickZ: PubSub is today expected to unleash a new site ranking tool, called LinkRanks, that measures the "strength, persistence, and vitality" of links pointing to and from a given Web site. Additionally, PubSub has begun an effort to compile lists of influential Weblogs by category, which could be of use to media buyers and planners eager to buy advertising in blogs.

Randy: Weird, they've had LinkRanks running for over a month. Not sure what has changed? They do have an OPML top 1000 list. Which I'll add to KBCafe profiles tonight. BTW, on the weekend, I added MyFeedster's top 100.

Update: KBCafe is ranked 843.

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