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Fri, 23 Sep 2005 10:38:24 GMT
Is Google News a Blog? Memeorandum?

John Roberts asked me in my comments yesterday: Randy, what is your definition of a blog? [cut] But why is, for instance, a blog?

Randy: My immediate reaction was "How did that get there?" Here's how. is a blog. Yesterday, I didn't think it was. Today, I know it is. Did you know it has an RSS feed? Is it the unedited voice of a person? No, but I never liked that definition. It kinda feels like a community link blog. Autogenerated. No different than memeorandum. I notice The RSS Blog find itself on memorandum once or twice per day? Anybody know how they pick the discussion blogs? Oh, that's how. Link to me. Memeorandum is a blog and has a blog. Subscribed.

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