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Thu, 22 Sep 2005 17:35:03 GMT
Google's Lackluster Blog Search

BusinessWeek: The long-awaited tool is fast and sorts by relevance. But it misses results and lets in too much spam.

Randy: WTF? Technorati and Google. 13 hours since Technorati found an article linking to BusinessWeek's blog. Google has found 5 in the last 13 hours. One is a splog. Three are not extremely current. Results will change. But, my feeling is that Google is finding more results. I'm seeing more and more of these supposed tests showing that Technorati is winning. But when I run the tests myself, the opposite seems to be true. Although, not perfect, I'd put Bloglines and IceRocket ahead of Technorati, behind Google.

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IceRocket, at least via the interface, is too frequently unavailable (down).

Technorati, at least in my experience, reacts faster to update pings.

The so-called "relevance" just encourages creation of splog farms. Which isn't bad for Google - their is infested with splogs and for Google this viscious circle is just great - more traffic to Google sites, more AdSense impressions, more click-thru's, more revenue.

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On second thought, I'm wrong about Google Adsense above. I checked my notes and it seems that splogs I reported in early September have their Adsense ads disabled, whereas splogs I reported in the second half of September don't. That means, it takes two weeks to get an account disabled, the Adsense is falling behind or they've stopped disabling Adsense on splogs. I will continue to monitor


Interesting... Thanks for the info.

I somewhere saw a comment by self-confessed splogger - he said that to him, blogs are just a ranking tool.
I think he meant not only for the blog sites themselves, but also for sites where blogs link to (i.e. non-splog sites where he may be making his AdSense money).
I don't think anyone will be able to establish with certainty whether or not Blogspot splogging happens with Google's consent, though - they could have silently allow it to mushroom while it was out of the radar - after all, everyone has problems with splogs. And now that they're under the magnifying glass they'll tighten the screws a bit but not too much so that it doesn't have too negative an impact on their ad business.

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