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Sat, 17 Sep 2005 03:49:12 GMT
Mark Cuban on Google Blogsearch

Mark Cuban: Google has done a great job of putting together a blog search engine.  Its exactly what you would expect from Google. Fast and simple. But there are a lot of things it does and doesnt do, that when you add them all up, will result in increased traffic for

Randy: Google's entrance into blog search means more traffic for everybody in the blogosphere, more hits for blogs and more interest in blog related Websites, like IceRocket. I'm carefully watching my traffic. Wednesday, the same day they released Google blog search, was my best traffic day in nearly two months. But Tuesday was also my best traffic day in nearly two months and within 1000 pageview of Wednesday. Thursday dropped off to a level below that of Tuesday. Overall, I don't see any significant traffic changes yet. Yet!

Update: I broke down the numbers and noticed that I was getting more hits on less popular blogs (+25%) and about the same on my more popular blogs. Of course, the popular blogs have higher overall hits counts that make the increase in the less popular blogs insignificant on the aggregate numbers.

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